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Visual notes are not only fun, they have the potential to change the way you work, the way you study and the way you present. 

How? Through visual notes we turn abstract concepts into simple icons, we give shape to our ideas and therefore our brains are able to process them better and retain them for a longer period of time.

How do I know this? Well, first of all it has been proven by science. But also, because I have experienced their benefits first hand. Discovering this way to gather information and communicate with others changed my career (literally) and helped me through my MA program. Taking visual notes during my Masters allowed me to better understand the information I was being given and I was able to literally link concepts on the go -with arrows or boxes. I often got asked by classmates to share my notes, since doodling concepts forced me to really just write down the main concepts (there is not time for more) so my notes were normally good summaries without too much information. 

I soon realized that how visual notes helped me remember concepts even semesters after we had discussed them and as opposed to simply just writing down the message in plain text, it was easy for me to remember the icons or the place on the paper where a concept was placed (visual memory is greatly facilitated by this practice). Did you know that your memory receptors absorb notes that are in the form of images a lot easier than written notes?

Visual notetaking is a successful method that hones your communication skills, and in today’s world, communication skills are a crucial asset. That’s why here at Visual Versa, we are dedicated to facilitate communication through visual notes, and we would love to teach YOU how to do it.