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Are you tired of the same type of meetings? Do you want to surprise everyone with something creative?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is graphic facilitation for me/us?

Are you trying to change things up? Better engage your audience? Get more action and buy in from a team or customers? Trying to explain complex topics?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then graphic facilitation (GF) is a great idea for you!

I have worked with big 500 fortune companies, small non-profit organizations, community settings, government and international humanitarian companies. This method is adaptable to any industry. Besides the type of organization this fits with, GF is a wonderful way for ANYONE to have a fun and creative day at work and better engage through visual communication.

Do I need all the information ahead of time?

No I don’t! That is why it is called live graphic facilitation. Having a broad idea of what the current situation is, the main topics, attendees etc. would be beneficial so I can do my homework and make sure I have a clear understanding of the topic.

Why should you work with Visual Versa?

Because I not only understand the creative side to this process, but I also have a background in organizational development and group work which helps me better understand the dynamics in the room so I can be your partner in the process. I work closely with clients making sure the visuals are part of the design and that the process is as collaborative and engaging as possible. Moreover, I am aware of diversity, and work hard for everyone to be reflected in the final poster.

Last but not least, I do graphic facilitation in English, French and Spanish. All this leads to delivering clear, tangible and most of all a collaborative outcome.

Why should you use graphic facilitation?

Because it is fun and people love it! Also because the brain process images faster than words, so participants will have a deeper understanding of your topic. Furthermore, it gives participants a different perspective and makes them feel heard and gives them a voice as their ideas come to life right in front of their eyes.

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